Class Subject Pie Chart Portlet

Class Subject Pie Chart Portlet

Brief Description

A Portlet to track the percentage of time spent on each class subject from Banner data.

Planning implementation and achieving results

This is a portlet to display inside a Student Analytics page in the MySanDiego portal. The idea is to empower student by showing them all kinds of information regarding their student life.

This particular portlet was initially started by our student worker/intern Michael in November 2014. At first it used Google Charts but then we worked together on March 2015 to redo it using c3js. The result is what you see in the screenshot above.

Influencing, communication and teamwork

Michael and I got some direction from my boss. Most of the design and initial implementation was done by Michael. I built all the back-end web services and the C3JS migration.

Analysis, problem solving and creative thinking

The portlet displays information that is not fetchable directly from the Luminis portal. Thus, I had to create a web services called "getClassSubjectList" to return a list of all the completed courses for a student.

We used c3 quite extensively. Their documentation left some things to be desired, but it was better than nothing! What wasn't specified or very clear we had to figure out by trial-and-error and by looking at the examples provided in the C3 website.