MySDMobile Android


Brief Description

This is the Android version of MySDMobile, the mobile app for the University of San Diego. You can download it here.

Planning implementation and achieving results

The MySDMobile app is a customization of the Ellucian Mobile Platform. We purchased this solution. My job was to customize the app with USD colors and graphics, create the APK and submit it to the store. I did not write this app, but I did add some code to add an item to the app menu for launching Blackboard Connect. I also help manage all the support requests for this app.

Influencing, communication and teamwork

I worked with my director and manager in getting this project launched. I worked with the graphic designer to obtain USD colors and graphics and put them into the app. I worked with USD marketing to get the copy text for the App Store listing. Finally, I coordinate with all stakeholders to publish the app. Once published, I helped with handing out cards with QR Codes for people to check out the app.

Analysis, problem solving and creative thinking

I had to learn how to add an item to the Menu of an app that had thousands of lines of code. It checks if the user has the Blackboard app installed in their phone, if they do it launches the app, if they don't it takes them to the Google Play store to download it.

I also had to learn how to package an app for release in the Google Play store.