Senior Survey Portlet

Graduating Senior Survey 1 of 3

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Graduating Senior Survey 3 of 3

Brief Description

Portlet for Seniors to submit a survey with their Banner ID appended to the Query String.

Planning implementation and achieving results

This is a portlet that dynamically generates a survey link with a Banner ID appended as a QueryString and links to the Qualtrics survey system. While the requirement was just to generate this link, I worked with the survey owners to add some design elements so that people are more likely to submit this optional survey.

Influencing, communication and teamwork

Initial requirements were sent very informally, via email. We sat down with the users to formalize these requirements and understand under which conditions and which user populations get the survey. We also submitted designs back and forth.

Analysis, problem solving and creative thinking

As it turns out, it's quite hard to determine when a user is a Senior. This came as a surprise to me until I realized that students can be enrolled in multiple degree programs with multiple graduation dates. We had to make decisions so that the portlet works for most people. After checking with the user, we decided to show the survey if they have petitioned to graduate for any degree, but this was definitely a learning experience. Things that look simple often provide the most challenge.