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Brief Description

I was the key technical asset for implementing Github Enterprise at USD.

Planning implementation and achieving results

When our new director took office, he made it a habit to ask his developers about what kind of improvements were necessary in our office. I explained to him that not using version control in the 21st century was an IT cardinal sin. He put me in charge of implementing this and we chose Github Enterprise.

Around March 2014, I gave a few presentation to our Director, Managers, and colleagues about the benefits of using Git. I gave an overview of Version Control and Git, how Github works, designed a branching flow for the department, created the original teams and assigned members to those teams, and provided demos and assistance to everyone that needed help.

I also set up a little evangelization newsletter where I shared useful tips, FAQs, highlighted good work from the department, and encouraged people to collaborate to Open Source software. This was all highly succesful. We went from not using Version control at all to everyone being on board by July 2014.

Influencing, communication and teamwork

Key to success was to listen to the concerns of every colleague. We met with each manager and made sure everyone was comfortable and had an opportunity to address concerns. I also made myself available to people to teach them the basics of git and forwarded to resources online for more advanced commands.

Furthermore, we don't want this to stop here. We rolled out Github Enterprise to the entire University and are one of the few Universities that provide this service to their students. Sadly, so far no professors or students have taken advantage of this opportunity, but I think that will change in the coming years with USD making big investments in their School of Engineering.

Analysis, problem solving and creative thinking

I don't think there were many technical issues with this implementation. The staff at Github is super friendly and responsive. Installing the software was a breeze.

It was a bit challenging to get everyone to learn Git. It's not an easy tool to master, but if you give people the right resources they always rise to the challenge.

Part of our evangelization process, apart from the newsletter I mention above, was the creation of our "Torerocat", our own Github Octocat spin. I hope this asset will become useful for evangelizing Github across all University students.