USD Honors Student Application

USD Honors Questionnaire

Brief Description

A Questionnaire for students to apply to the Honors program at USD.

Planning implementation and achieving results

This is very similar to this other questionnaire so please read that post for more background information, but basically we had an old custom legacy system that was used to submit eforms and we had to migrate that questionnaire to FormAssembly and hook it up to Salesforce. I worked on designing the new questionnaire, making changes to the copy, and adding the Salesforce connector.

Influencing, communication and teamwork

The questionnaire is displayed via a link in the MySanDiego portal. Because they are already logged in, we know the submitter's USD ID. We use this information with the FormAssembly pre-fill connector to query various information from Salesforce so the student doesn't have to type it again (things like name, email, and other background information). I coordinated with my coworkers in the Portal team for this.

The other component was making design and copy changed in coordination with the Honors department. This was simple, but it's surprising how basic communication makes for a much more pleasant experience. I sent daily updates to the stakeholders and made sure to ask them for their expertise when I wasn't sure about certain questions.

Analysis, problem solving and creative thinking

The main work was as follows:

  • Create a FormAssembly eform.
  • Set up automated message after a person submits an application.
  • Set up the FormAssembly pre-fill connector.
  • Set up the Submission connector in FormAssembly.
  • Updated the portal with the new link and fetched the USD ID for the pre-fill connector.